How Slot Game Wild Symbols Work



There are now so many different wild symbols found on slot games online you will often find you can get very confused by how they all work and operate whenever they have spun in on the slot game you are playing!

However, the main use of a wild symbols is to stand in for all of the standard reel symbols in play on the reels of any slot, they rarely if ever stand in for bonus symbols or scatter symbols, however some slot games do have wild symbols that can stand in for those two additional types of reel symbols.  One game that offers this is Tiki Island slot – one of the leading games offered by Gamesys.

Some of the newest wild symbols to hit video slot games online are expanding wild symbols and when they spin in the cover all of the positons on any reel they appeared on. You will also find some random wild symbols and those reel symbols attach themselves to reel positons as you are playing a slot.

Another type of wild symbols are wild multiplier symbols, and when those symbols help you complete any number of winning combinations the multiplier values attached to them boost the payout of that winning combination, and that could help you win big!

You will find that some online slot games come with a very unique type of bonus game which revolves completely around the wild symbols, and those bonus games tend to be called wild reel bonus games.

How they work is usually the same, when you first click on the spin button to send any base game spin into motion if that bonus feature is awarded then you will find the one to five of the vide reels on that slot may turn into completely wild reels, the more that do the more you stand to win!

One slot game that does have plenty of wild symbols on all five of its video reels is the Double Bubble slot, and when you play that slot game you will be thing you get all five of those symbols landing on any of the pay lines you have activated and put into live play.

For when you do line up five wild symbols on any put into play pay line then you will be heavily rewarded with one of the largest fixed coin jackpot payouts on any online slot, so make sure that slot is one you look around for and give it your best shot!

No matter at which online bingo site or online casino site you choose to play at you are going to be guaranteed of finding a huge array of different slot games, from three reel slots to video slots which offer wild symbols.

However, we have noticed that the new slot machines which have bene loaded up and made available on the Gamesys bingo platform have some even more unique wild symbols which can and do spin in often, so for the ultimate slot playing experience track down on of those sites and give any of their slot games some play time, you really will enjoy playing them all!

Highest Paid TV Actors in 2015


The last time you dismissed television as small-time, small-money business, you did not read the papers correctly. Check these figures, which state how much each of these TV actors made in 2015.

Highest Paid TV Actors

Claire Danes for Homeland – Apart from bagging two Golden Globes and three Emmys while playing Carrie Mathisson, she also bags $250,000 per episode.

Amy Poehler for Parks and Recreation – While her reported salary is $250,000 per episode for the final season of the show she was paid double the money for each episode.

Kerry Washington for Scandal – The show’s just touching its peak in the third season, with the highest ratings and Washington takes home $150,000 per episode.

Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet for Modern Family – With the show’s unhindered success season after season, on an average, each of them makes $190,000 per episode.

Tim Allen for Last Man Standing – He charms away $250,000 per episode. The show is in its fourth season

Patricia Heaton for The Middle – In the year 2015 she reportedly made $235,000 per episode.

Michael Weatherly for NCIS – The man has not just made $250,000 per episode in the 11 seasons of the show, but also has big plans to produce new shows under the name of Solar Drive Productions, his company.

Ted Danson for CSI– Even though he is only 3 seasons old in the show which is now 15 seasons old, he has made a mark. He makes $250,000 per episode.

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel for Bones – We’ve loved the show through the years just as much as we’ve loved both of them together. They’ve even been taking the same kind of paychecks back home, both making $250,000 per episode.

Nancy Cartwright, Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Yeardley Smith for the Simpsons – Just 26 seasons old, the Simpsons is our favourite and the longest- running animated TV show. Each of the artists take $300,000 for an episode.

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey for Grey’s Anatomy – Probably television’s most loved couple and possibly the highest paid too. Both the actors make $350,000 for an episode. We heard that they have recently renewed their contracts as well.

Simon Baker for The Mentalist – Despite the fact that the show is running in its 7th season and the creator’s attention has shifted to “Gotham”, Baker still manages to take back $350,000 for an episode.

Mariska Hargitay for Law & Order: SVU – She has been nominated eight times for primetime Emmy and rightly so she makes $400,000 per episode.

Mark Harmon for NCIS – Being one of the executive producers of the show as well. He makes $525,000 per episode.

John Cryer for Two and a Half Men – He makes $650,000, which is crazy! However, there is news that the show is coming to an end.

Ashton Kutcher for Two and a Half Men – He makes $750,000 per episode, which is more that Cryer since Kutcher is new to the show too, making him the highest paid actor on television.

Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, and Jim Parsons – The folks earn a whopping 1 million per episode!!! (Heavy breathing)

Top 20 TV Shows of 2015


2015 has been the year for the couch potato. We have been taken by so many shows, it’s physically painful to pick a few to draw up a list.

Top 20 Shows

#20-Wolf Hall

Based on Man Booker Prize Winner, Hillary Mantel’s book, this show is only for the hardcore history buffs. So if you’re not aroused by the court politics from the time of King Henry VIII, give this a miss.

#19-The Week Tonight with John Oliver

The British outsider who isn’t afraid to call out on America’s bullshit. How the man manages the same without stepping into the murky waters of moral hectoring is beyond us.

#18-Other Space

This charmingly ridiculous show will remind you of Quark, which starred Richard Benjamin as an interstellar garbage collector.


Family dysfunction and jet-set espionage finds a new home in this space oddity. Did we hear crackling of popcorns?


If you are into noir and Marvel superheroes, you’re already watching this. We didn’t see any comic fans complaining this time.

#15-The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This is an acquired taste. Give it a bit and you’ll be taken by the touching vulnerability of Ellie Kemper on screen.


Yo-yoing between comedy and introspective bouts of drama, the show is about motorcycle crashes, romances and bromances.

#13-Big Time in Hollywood, FL

We know nothing does crime spree quite like Breaking Bad but if you have a taste for loser-core comedies that heal the soul, watch!

#12-Game of Thrones

No explanation needed.

#11-Silicon Valley

Fresh feels for this start-up culture satire that captures the vibe of the desperation of the twenty-something year olds.


What’s better than a horror show? A documentary horror show that investigates the strange career of murderer Robert Durst.


Family hostilities and blood. A lot of blood!

#8-Better Call Saul

We too recognised the potential of Saul Goodman when binge watching Breaking Bad, but we never thought it would be THIS good!

#7-Orange is the New Black

So many stories that you can obsess about and so much prison etiquette to learn in this unstoppable series.


One look at this show and we are screaming, “Pulp!” Empire might be the most fearsome of shows to hit the small screen this year.

#5-Late Show with David Letterman

In the last few weeks of Letterman and with the loom of the show ending we were constantly reminded how much we have grown

#4-Mad Men

Apart from making us want to smoke all the time Mad Men also makes us want to stay glued to the screen.

#3-The Americans

Pretty much the best drama series as of today set in 1982 with Soviet spies posing as Ordinary Americans


Julia Louis-Dreyfus and bitingly funny nihilism has our heart!

#1-Broad City

Unique, joyful series that ran into surprise fame, was first a web series. This show is everything about conversations between the two main characters and that is all you will need this year.